Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Years Resolutions and My Holiday

My New Years Resolutions is that I want to do my senior project. It will happen in the future like
tomorrow or next month. I really can wait to do my project because I don't want to keep waiting forever. Ms. Mckeone will tell me when can I do my project. That is my first New Years Resolutions.

On Christmas, I hanged out with Tony and his family. Tony's aunts came and so is his cousins, nephew and his two nieces. I gave the the whole family a gifts. I gave Deshaun a coloring book, I gave Kyle a snowman toy, I gave Nyla a coloring book, I gave Kala a coloring book and I gave Shaun a three pack of Pokemon Cards. After we all opened our own gifts, we ate dinner like corn, smashed potatoes, chicken and ravoile. I had a beautiful holiday with Tony and his family.

Last weekend, on Sunday, I went to see the Mummers Parade with my friend Joe. We went to the bar to get warm and chill with Joe's friend. I drank like five cups of cranberry juice. I was pretending that I was drunk and I faked it to Joe. I had a cool time with Joe.