Thursday, January 20, 2011

my big goal

My big goal is to be empowered person to complete all of my hard work. I will increase my reading levels to get a honor roll for my report card. I will do my best by working hard. I will make Ms. Michele so proud to get a good grade. I will achieve and improve my hard work. I will keep my grades straight.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My day off

Yesterday, I looked in the window to see the snow. I stayed in the house with my Dad, my uncle and Tania. I was watching the television in my dad's room. It was about the Weather Forecast. Ms. Kathy said "We have five inches of snow in Philadelphia." I was not happy that it was snowing yesterday because there was no school. I ate some hot noodles soup for lunch to keep myself warm. I called my friend Pierce on my cellphone. We talked in the dialogued about Kingdom Hearts Re coded. He said "Marcus, how long you in trouble?" I was like "Pierce, I really don't know. Maybe, I can see you tomorrow if its okay with my dad. I had one last thing to tell you." Pierce said "Really? What would that be?" I said "Pierce, complete  Kingdom Hearts Re coded. Don't let the hard levels confuse you. Then win the whole thing!" Pierce said "Don't worry, I will." I said "That's good. Later Pierce." That was the end of our conversation. I really enjoyed the conversation that Pierce and I talked about. My dad distributed my money and gave it to me. I approached to my dad because he was getting really to go to work. My Mom was making a explanation to me about not being tigy about my money. My uncle had a issued to my dad about life and living with. I  listened some music on my dad's computer. I had a wonderful day off.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My holiday break

Last year on Christmas, I went to Christmas party. The party was at Nichole's house. I gave my friends a Christmas cards. I ate a lot of food. I watched Frosty the Snowman movie with my friends. I tooked a lot of pictures of my friends with my cellphone. Ms. Franny gave me a hat and a toy. Katie gave me a ten dollar bill. I watched Slate and Mike played a football game on PlayStation three. Tony and I was just sitting on the couch and chilled. I watched Shaun opened his gifts with a happy face. I had a beautiful holiday time with my wonderful friends.

On my Christmas break, I watched Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. I went to Pierce's house on Tuesday the twenty eighth. We watched A Christmas Carol on Blue Ray. We ate some pizza and chips. Pierce gave me a twenty doll bill, a picture of himself and a Happy New Year's hat. We drank some hot cocoa chocolate. We talked a lot about Christmas Carol. I had so much fun with Pierce. Ms Kathy tooked me home and I thanked her.