Friday, December 17, 2010

The Assembly

During the assembly, the first thing that I saw was two men on the stage. The man with the hat said "Hello" to everyone. He was telling us a story. He told us that he was from Senegal. The two men were playing the drums.

The two new men danced together. They made everyone laugh. They were all the way back of the auditorium and walked into the stage. They danced pretty good. They were so funny. 

I saw the teachers walked on the stage. While Ms. Michele was on the stage, I cheered for her. She was a beautiful dancer. I gave her a high five. I said "We loved you Ms. Michele!"

Everyone in the auditorium enjoyed that concert. We clapped with our hands and cheered. It was fun to watch the concert. We said good bye to the four men. The concert was so cool and nice.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ms. Michele and I talked about topic sentence. I understand of her because she was making some senses. She wanted me to put adjectives and to describe the nouns. She gave me a high lighter to put a question mark. She wanted me to go backed and read carefully.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I learned about Cleopatra in The Franklin Institute. She was a famous queen in the Egypt. She married her brother. I read a lot of things about her. I watched a movie theatre about her. Her body was not found. I saw the statue of Cleopatra. She had four children. She played on a movie and it is called Caesar and Cleopatra and it came out in 1945. She was killed from a snake.