Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Know About

I already know about what does it like to be a person with Autism. The kids with autism always don't talk or being nice. They also get confuse about something that they can't do. They always need help that they can't do better or doing something good. Some kids with autism always can't do something better because they don't understand. They always have bad behaviors about something that they should'nt do. They like to play with their fingers, whining, screaming and selfstimming all the time. They always have to ride on the school everyday to get to school safe. They don't like to have friends without autism because they already know that the kids don't have autism.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


When I was just four years old my Dad was trying to find a school for me. When I found out what school was it. The school was called Nebinger School. My Dad used to tell me that I had to ride the bus everyday. He told me that it starts on Monday.

When I woke up from the bed, I went to the bathroom. I washed up and brush my teeth. That was my two goals to do in the bathroom. I was putting my school uniforms on to get ready for school. I walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

 I went to the livingroom to sit in the couch. I watched tv with my Dad. When I heard a loud noise it was a school bus. I was telling my Dad that the bus was here and he walked me to the bus. I was waving to my Dad and he waved to me back.

I went inside the school bus, I deciced that I want to sit by myself because I don’t want to sit with the kids that were on the bus and I know that some kids with Autism couldn’t talk or be nice. I was not able to say something to the kids because they could be mean or act badly. They were just looking at the windows seeing a lot of people walking and a lot of cars. The school bus was filled of chairs and windows. The bus driver told me and the kids that we almost there to school.

 When we arrived to school I said “Wow the school is nice and pretty!” I walked inside the building and I went into the auditorium. There were kids sitting in the chairs waiting to find about what class should they go. The lady with the glasses wanted to know my name and I told her my name. When I told her my name she said “Our class is at the second floor.” I said “Wow really! I can’t wait to see it!”

When we walked upstairs to find our class. The classroom is at the second floor and when we got there, I said “Room 202. This might be our classroom.” We went inside the classroom and I chose that my desk would be in the back. The other lady told us that we had to sit in the desks. She introduced to us that her name is Ms. Beverley.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my poem

For me as a person with Autism which I'm not like the other people with Autism. I love to be on my own because I don't like to hangout with someone with Autism. I still have friends with Autism and I always go to their houses to hangout. I don't do what Autistic kids do like they can't talk and being nice. They always do things their way like I doing the same thing of being on my own. I love to hangout with kids without Autism because its much fun than being with a person with Autism. Everyday when I walked into the cafetria for breakfast and lunch I don't eat with my classmates because I had enough hanging around with a person with Autism. The kids with Autism always do what they want and that's their own business and my business is to act like a person without Autism. When my friends and I always go to the gym, my friends always play basketball and I always sit on the floor to chill out with my cellphone. Every year when I ride on the school bus, I don't sit with a person with Autism because I love to sit by myself. My Autism is when I talking to myself. I already know of what kind of Autism that my friends have.