Friday, November 18, 2011

My Reflection This Week

On Monday, I worked on a Grammar Book. The selection I worked on is page 94 and page 95 as a paragraph.  I worked with Lamar and Quamier about Black Boy. We worked together as a team. Quamier and I talked about Black Boy.

On Tuesday, I revised my homework on a Grammar Book on page 95. I worked on my homework about step by step about how you brush your teeth. Then, I have to underline the subject and circle the verb. I wrote it down on my notebook and I only write a paragraph to explain this. That was a easy homework that I did.

On Wednesday, Ms. Mckeone wasn't here because she was absent. We had a substitute teacher. Her name was Ms. Capuni. I think she was a nice woman. Mrs. Evans give us a homework.

Yesterday, I had a free time on the computer. I went on a website and its call Disney. I went on The Lion King selection. I watch a video about the ceremony of Simba. I had so much fun on the computer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My eight paragraphs

On my wix website, Stephon told me to put a text so I can write for the name of each animal. I also did put a text to each animal. I also did fix the word mammals into about and fix the word about into facts. I really need to fix the fourth page Habitat. I need to put some pictures of places where different animals live.

For my webzine, I need to fix the flowchart. I also need to fix the pages in line order. I really think that I know my webzine is about. I need to think what else should I add for my webzine. I will do my best to complete my webzine for my grades.

The reason I chose the mammals website because I love mammals. I know a lot about mammals. I should learn more and more about them. There are five types and 4, 000 kinds of mammals. I still need all the information about mammals.

When I got started my wireframe, it was my first time making my own webzine. I felt so nervous and scared because it was hard. I stopped being nervous by think about what should I need for my wireframe. When I figured it out, I know exactly what I need for my wireframe. I should really need to work and think of something really hard for my webzine.

When I represented about my Wix Website to my classmates, I explained to them about mammals. I did'nt got nervous to represent because I was happy. I really loved to represented to my peers. I enjoyed representing about my Website. I hope that I can represent again.

When I got finish representing, I asked my classmates that do they got any questions. Stephon, told me that I did good and he love the color because he thinks that is beautiful. Vincent told me that I did explained about each type of mammals and have great information about them. Quamier said that he love the pictures of mammals. I really glad that my peers gave me a feedback.

I asked Mrs. Evans or Ms. McKeone that they got any questions. Mrs. Evans told me that she loved my Wix because it is beautiful. Ms. McKeone said that I have a body language and I worked very hard. Mrs. Evans and Ms. McKeone told me that I should thinking about my senior project research mammals. I loved the way they told me about my Wix.

On my Wix website, I added a new page which it is number five. I named it Portfolio. I will put some five types of mammals. I already put some pictures on the weekend. I think that creating your own Wix is kind of fun.