Friday, February 24, 2012

About the Zoo

On March, I will work my senior project at the Philadelphia Zoo. I can wait to go to the Zoo to do my project. I will write the information about each mammal. I will go to different areas to see Big Cats, bears, hoofed mammals, rodents and marnie mammals. I really want to go to the Zoo so badly because I love animals.

I will listen carefully to the Zoo Keepers about what I will do for my project.

Marcus, The Work was good Because The 2 Paragraphs Are good. Nice Job,  Make sure you keep up the good work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

About the New Orleans

The picture that I saw is a guy is on the horse. I saw a big building that looks like a church. I saw a house that it is near the church. I saw a clock on the top of the church. I think that the city is call New Orleans.

I saw a dark clouds. Therefore, I saw so many lights. I did saw a small tree that it almost located to the statue. I saw a big tree that is near the house. I saw a big light that it is the top of the house.

The statue of the guy with the horse was ready to charge into battle in the heart of the city New Orleans. The statue is at the Jackson Square. I saw two people who is go to see the statue name Old Hickory. I saw so many cars and houses. That's all the things that I saw.

When I saw the clouds, it looks like a night time or dawn. I really think that the sun is coming from the horizon. It almost seems like the sun is rising or sunset. The color of the sky is dark blue and light blue. I really like the color of the sky because it is so beautiful.

I see a very bright light. The color of the light is green. I think that the green light is for traffic cars and for people to see it so they can across the street. Green is my favorite color as well. The green light that I saw was on the house that looks like a lighthouse.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6-8 Paragraphs

I enjoyed reading the Hunger Games book with my classmates and Mrs. Evans. It was the coolest book that we ever read. I felt so happy that we read it together. It was better than the book that we read about Animal Farm. I hope that we will do the next book of Hunger Games.

My favorite part was that Katniss steps forward to take her sister's place in the games. It was very brave of Katniss to step forward. I really like when Prim tries to stop Katniss to enter the games. Prim tried her best to stop her. She was stoped by the men in white.

I like the part when the games were about to begin. The kids were in line and was ready to run forward to the backpack. Peeta was looking at Katniss so he can distract her. Katniss did'nt pay attention to Peeta. That was the bad part that I almost like.

The lovely part I like is when Katniss and Peeta won the Hunger Games. Katniss really don't want Peeta to die. That was very sweet of Peeta when he kissed Katniss. Petta and Katniss want to die together. That part made me feel so sad.

The scareiest part I don't like the mutts came. The mutts was going after Petta. Katniss told Peeta to climb. Peeta told her that he can't climb. That part made scare.

The sadest part I don't like when all the kids were dead. The boy from District 9 was the first kid to die. He was killed by the girl from District 2. Cato was the second kid to be dead. He falls from the tree.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Years Resolutions and My Holiday

My New Years Resolutions is that I want to do my senior project. It will happen in the future like
tomorrow or next month. I really can wait to do my project because I don't want to keep waiting forever. Ms. Mckeone will tell me when can I do my project. That is my first New Years Resolutions.

On Christmas, I hanged out with Tony and his family. Tony's aunts came and so is his cousins, nephew and his two nieces. I gave the the whole family a gifts. I gave Deshaun a coloring book, I gave Kyle a snowman toy, I gave Nyla a coloring book, I gave Kala a coloring book and I gave Shaun a three pack of Pokemon Cards. After we all opened our own gifts, we ate dinner like corn, smashed potatoes, chicken and ravoile. I had a beautiful holiday with Tony and his family.

Last weekend, on Sunday, I went to see the Mummers Parade with my friend Joe. We went to the bar to get warm and chill with Joe's friend. I drank like five cups of cranberry juice. I was pretending that I was drunk and I faked it to Joe. I had a cool time with Joe.