Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6-8 Paragraphs

I enjoyed reading the Hunger Games book with my classmates and Mrs. Evans. It was the coolest book that we ever read. I felt so happy that we read it together. It was better than the book that we read about Animal Farm. I hope that we will do the next book of Hunger Games.

My favorite part was that Katniss steps forward to take her sister's place in the games. It was very brave of Katniss to step forward. I really like when Prim tries to stop Katniss to enter the games. Prim tried her best to stop her. She was stoped by the men in white.

I like the part when the games were about to begin. The kids were in line and was ready to run forward to the backpack. Peeta was looking at Katniss so he can distract her. Katniss did'nt pay attention to Peeta. That was the bad part that I almost like.

The lovely part I like is when Katniss and Peeta won the Hunger Games. Katniss really don't want Peeta to die. That was very sweet of Peeta when he kissed Katniss. Petta and Katniss want to die together. That part made me feel so sad.

The scareiest part I don't like the mutts came. The mutts was going after Petta. Katniss told Peeta to climb. Peeta told her that he can't climb. That part made scare.

The sadest part I don't like when all the kids were dead. The boy from District 9 was the first kid to die. He was killed by the girl from District 2. Cato was the second kid to be dead. He falls from the tree.

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